Floaters / Flashes

Floaters & Flashes

As we get older we expect to have problems with our eyes, so we tend to ignore them.
One minor symptom that can cause a bigger problem, if not treated, is the occurrence of floaters and flashes. These are those tiny lights that seem to blink through your vision and that you can never catch when you direct your focus toward them.

Almost everyone sees floaters at some time, but they can occur more frequently and become more noticeable as we get older.

Floaters caused by posterior vitreous detachment are more common in people who:

* Are nearsighted
* Have undergone cataract surgery
* Have had certain types of laser surgery
* Have had inflammation of the eye

Because floaters or flashes can be an indication of a serious problem, you should contact our doctor when:

* You see floaters for the first time
* You notice an increase in the number or size of floaters
* You experience the sudden onset of flashes